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Introduction to Water, 2009

My installation consists of LED lights and viewer interactions with water. In the center of the installation is a ceramic pot into which a viewer can pour rainwater. This triggers lights hanging from the ceiling. They light in a sequence that suggests falling raindrops overhead. Solar panels are utilized to collect electricity. The system circulates the water using gravity, like a reverse fountain, to illustrate my intention that the installation be self-sustainable.

Introduction to Water illuminates the ephemera of water in sculptural space through a viewer-activated installation involving a ceramic vessel and solar electric elements. The piece becomes an experimental theater for investigating concepts of intentionality and rainmaking. The piece also illustrates a novel form of interaction between light and water, two elements that have long been a part of my concerns, through the use of new technology. Additionally it seeks to make imaginable a new harmony between the beauty of the natural world and a green technology premised upon clean renewable energy. A technology that functions as a natural part of the eco-system alongside the wind, sun, rain or earth.

introduction to water image introduction to water image

The (rain) water for 516 Arts in Albuquerque was collected at The Land/an art site in Mountainair, and the process was documented and displayed at The Land/art site gallery in downtown Albuquerque in August 2009.

water station documentation

Water station documentation panel