Ato, video still

Artist's Statement

I create artworks that strive to open viewers' minds to their visual environments and tease them into deeper awareness of their surroundings. I want viewers to become mindful of the continuous present. My artworks provoke them into recognizing their habitual perceptions, both conscious and unconscious. I like to create spaces where the artist's presence almost goes away, and the viewer is reflected in full.

My installation space is not for displaying who I am as an artist, but for viewers to have their own experiences. A significant part of my work relies on sensory awareness. Light reflection is used as a principal medium in my work. I play with light in a way that has been unquestionably influenced by my years in New Mexico.

Through my installations, I attempt to heighten participants' responsiveness to the present moment through touch, interaction, and enclosure. This leads to a realization of the interrelated connections between oneself, one's environment, and others. The shadows of viewers in the space, or their finger marks on a surface, can play primary roles. My work requires viewer participation to complete. I am also interested in the special relationship of time to physical space. Poised at a moment between the past and the future, infused with an awareness of the frailty of human existence, my work transforms the physical into the ephemeral.